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Based in Surrey, We offer Analogue and Digital recording. We specialise on electronic music with a vast array of most of the sought after analogue synthesizers available for hire within the studio environment. We can also supply stage sound equipment and mixing for small venues across Surrey





Roland Jupiter 8

Roland Jupiter 6

Fairlight CMI IIx

Fairlight CMI III

PPG Wave 2.3

Oberheim OB8

Oberhiem OBxa

Oberhiem OBsx

Oberhiem Matrix 1000

Roland Juno 106

Roland Juno 60

Roland Juno 6


Roland Jupiter 4

Roland S330 Sampler

Roland MSK100 Sampler

Roland D110

Roland JV1080

Roland D550

Roland D50

Roalnd D20

Roland Alpha Juno Rev1

Roland Alpha Juno Rev2

Roland XP80

Roland XP30

Roland S770 Sampler

Roland JX-8P

Roland JV2080

Roland Pro-MARS

Roland SH-02

Roland SH-09

Roland SH-101

Roland U-220

Roland U-110

Roland VK-1

Quasimidi Raven

Quasimidi Sirius




Korg PolySix

Korg Sigma

Korg Delta

Korg Lambda ES05

Yamaha CS-6x

Yamaha DX7

Yamaha CS-15



Powertran Polysynth

Powertran Vocoda

Korg SDD3300 Analogue Delay



Hire Equipment



Sound systems up to 2000W

24 Track Analogue\Digital Mixing Desk with Engineer

24 Track Raw Recording Systems

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